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Historic Apache Trail

Historic Apache Trail

The rugged beauty of the Apache Trail is truly captivating.


In 2019, the Woodbury fire burned much of the Superstition Mountains, and then on September 23, 2019, Tropical Storm Lorena dumped 6 inches of rain on the area in a matter of hours. This caused flooding and washed out culverts and exposed boulders on a section of the Apache Trail at Fish Creek hill. The Arizona Department of Transportation has closed this most scenic section of the Trail indefinitely, and is refusing to repair and re-open this scenic Arizona treasure.

Please sign the petition at to request ADOT reopen the entire Apache Trail.

An Arizona Treasure

The Apache Trail was a stagecoach trail that ran through the Superstition Mountains. It was named the Apache Trail after the Apache Indians who originally used this trail to move through the Superstition Mountains.

Today, much of the Apache Trail is paved, and the section east of Apache Junction is known officially as State Route 88.

This scenic Trail rail winds steeply through 40 miles of rugged desert mountains, past deep reservoir lakes like Canyon Lake and Apache Lake. The narrow, winding road is unpaved from just east of the town of Tortilla Flat to Roosevelt Dam.

There are a number of tours, restaurants and activities that offer visitors fun ways to explore this beautiful Arizona highway.

Please note: Currently, the Fish Creek portion of the Apache Trail is closed to thru traffic due to an historical 100 year rain which pummeled and damaged the roadway. The roadway is open to Tortilla Flat and beyond, to the Fish Creek overlook. You can access Apache Lake by going thru Globe on Hwy 60, then north on SR 188.